What can I say about myself. First of all if you are reading this I want to thank you for visiting my website. I am very blessed to follow my passion for a living and share my love for all types of music with people. People like yourself keep my dream alive and that means everything to me.

From a very young age I was exposed to all types of music. My mother had the biggest music collection I had ever seen, my grandmother was always playing her jazz organ in her living room, and my grandfather was an audio engineer. Music is just in my genes. I was and still am, addicted to music and hearing as much new music as possible. I can remember on the bus ride to school we had no radio reception, so people would bring mix tapes. I figured out how to make my own tapes by fourth grade, so when I gave the older kids my tape and they all liked it, I just kept making more. It would make me very happy when I would get on the bus and they would say hey get another tape from that Toby kid. I would go on to DJing for school dances and Teen Clubs.

My passion for music grew and I started learning how to produce music. Learning about actually making the music that you hear on the radio made me such a better DJ. Ihad a friend who would always say “If you don’t find your chair, your chair will find you”. Best non advice ever. Because I would still always DJ as a hobby, but it never dawned pon me that I could do it for living until 2002. I can remember the feeling I had at this party I was doing and everybody was dancing and having so much fun and I felt like for the first time I knew why I was put here on this earth, to bring people together and celebrate through my love for music.

I don't know how much you know about DJing, but there is a big difference between a DJ who just plays songs, and a turntablist. As a turntabllist you can mix records (songs) together on beat and in time in a way that does not disrupt the dance floor and the songs just blend from one to the next. There are so many levels to this and I can say honestly I am at the very top when it comes to doing this. But what does that mean for you as my client? Let me explain if a DJ is playing an event and he picks the wrong song, you have to wait until that song is over till he plays another song unless he just cuts it out in the middle. Just the second of dead air or an offbeat mix can kill a dance floor instantly, we all have natural rythmn and even if you did not consciously hear it, you would stop moving, and feel weird for a second. I'm sure you have seen parties where everyone flocks to the dance floor for one song and then they might not like the next one, or the transition to the next track is off or too long. Boom, there is a mass exit from the dance floor. The DJ just can’t seem to keep his dance floor going for the event and people are not having fun and leaving. There is a big difference between someone who has devoted their life to the art of DJing and someone who just does it on the side. Would you let just anyone cut your hair, clean your teeth, or build you a house? It happens a lot in these times of digital music that many people think that because they can play spotify or iTunes through a phone or laptop, that they are a skilled DJ. You don’t hire that person when you are planning a major event, where you want your guests to be entertained.

A more skilled DJ knows his crowd from the minute they walk in the building and is testing their likes and dislikes from the beginning and building his selection for the rest of the night. Many DJs only play one style of music, but I am an open format DJ. That means I am skilled and experienced with many genres of music.I have been a full time professional DJ for 15 years now, making my living making sure whatever crowd I perform for has the time of their life. I can rock any crowd. Being able to play many genres and jump from one vibe to another keeping all the party people happy without losing the dance floor is something you can only learn from trial and error. I have decades of experience at this and it sets me apart from other DJs.

For your wedding or special event, I will help you plan for the best way to make your vision a reality. From the most prestigous venue, to a backyard on a backroad, I have done and seen it all as a DJ. I will help you choose songs for your special dances, and tailor a music program for your event around your likes and dislikes, while also entertaining your guests and taking requests. I will help you come up with the perfect plan to make sure you have the Best Day of Your Life.

As an MC for your wedding or special event I will be interacting with your guests while handling all the announcements, setting up your special dances, and introducing those giving a toast or making other speeches I will be fun and entertaining. I have been trained by the nation's top wedding educators as an MC. I have hosted hundreds of weddings and special events, hosted press conferences, and even done standup comedy.

Nobody will work as hard for you to make sure you have the best day of your life. Nobody.

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